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Doberman Pinscher Club of Memphis COPE & Rescue, Inc.
Rescue Work in Memphis Area

What Does Rescue do?  Why are we Needed?  Where do the Dogs come from?

Rescue groups all over the country are the last chance for many unwanted, misunderstood, and frequently mistreated Doberman Pinscher’s.  The Doberman Pinscher Club of Memphis of Memphis COPE & Rescue, Inc. may be the last chance for abandoned or abused Doberman Pinscher’s in our area.

Most dogs come from concerned individuals who have found them on the streets or animal protections agencies that work with rescue groups.  Obviously they were owned by the wrong people, and if not turned over to rescue would most likely be again adopted by the one who lacks understanding of the breed.

Many people buy a Doberman for the wrong reason.  Either they want a “ferocious” guard dog, and they expect their new puppy to become this way at once; or they want a placid, quiet dog to protect their home.  The Doberman is neither of these.  Before reaching maturity, he is usually boisterous, and can cause much destruction if not properly handled.

Some owners believe that they can beat their dogs into submission.  Others chain them outdoors and leave them alone, untrained, and unloved.  Some people are actually afraid of their dogs as they grow larger.  There are many reasons people cannot understand or handle this breed, and many of the dogs are “dumped” between nine months and 2 ˝ years of age.

Many neglected dogs are emaciated.  Others are sick and plagued with heart worms and/or other parasites.  Females that are no longer useful for breeding or pregnant are also abandoned.  The Dobermans are usually friendly, sweet and anxious to love and be loved.

 The DPCM COPE & Rescue have all dogs examined by a veterinarian and given necessary shots. They are also checked for parasites and are treated accordingly.  Healthy dogs are then spayed or neutered.  Before placement they spend time in a foster home to recover from their ordeals and to realize that there are people who care.  They are watched carefully and are evaluated to ensure adoptability.

 New owners are carefully screened.  A COPE & Rescue questionnaire is filled out. This application notes any special needs or preferences that potential owners may have and also notes other pertinent information.  This information is reviewed by our committee to ensure that both the dog’s and owner’s needs are met.  Potential owners must have a fenced area for the dog’s exercise and must be willing to make a family member of the dog.  Their attitudes toward the dog are noted.  If all criteria is met, the dog is placed in its potential new home for a period of two weeks to ensure the compatibility of the dog and owner.  During this time, the Rescue committee is available to answer questions and to resolve any problems that may occur.  If at the end of the trial period the dog and the potential owner are happy, a contract between the new owner and DPCM COPE & Rescue is signed.  An adoption fee is charged to help offset the cost of veterinarian expenses for the care we have given the dog, but no profit is made.  A happy, healthy Doberman in a loving home is our reward.

 If you are interested in a learning more about adopting a rescued Doberman, becoming a foster care-giver, or making a tax-deductible donation to our efforts, please contact us!!!

Memphis - Mark Workmen           (901) 276-5958
West Tennessee - Cathy Jones;    (731)658-3230
North Mississippi - Lyle Wescott;  (662)851-7147

Or Write:         Cathy Jones,
                       c/o DPCM COPE & Rescue
                       355 Meadow Oak Lane
                       Bolivar, TN  38008

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